Recognized by ICONIC STAR AWARDS 2019

March 29, 2019

Asia Success, Iconic Star Awards recognized our founder,CEO,  Charis Ching as Iconic Emerging Muse Entrepreneur Award 创业女神巨人奖. Accepted this award from皇家评委主席登姑惍鐿颯,以及颁奖嘉宾万达集团大酒店董事丹斯里张昌鸿,雪兰莪赛马公会主席丹斯里拿督詹学龙,Dato’ Dr. Jacky Chee and Carven Ong.

 "As award recipient of Iconic Star Award, my belief is never afraid to take calculated risks, because anything is possible, and that gives us more potential for bigger and more successful initiatives. Don't let failure or obstacles put you down or kill you off, don't give up, overcome it, you will become stronger. Stand strong, firm, stable and never stop chasing your dream." - Charis Ching